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  • tene laterem primis ingenti aequanda cylindro et technology quod habet commodum conversurus es?

    tene laterem primis ingenti aequanda cylindro et technology quod habet commodum conversurus es?

    tene laterem primis ingenti aequanda cylindro ad producendum LATERAMEN technology maxime in aedificationem et aliis Ceramic materias. tene laterem primis ingenti aequanda cylindro focis crypta quae est de fornace eratque odio accensus est, continue debilitetur. tene quod ferebat in gyretur cuniculum virentis corporis mobilis. arte percursa sunt, super multa amet tellus durum scutulis et Ceramic laterum transferuntur ad finem capitis de camino rotatione mobilis.
  • de bell partes genus hydria fornacem

    de bell partes genus hydria fornacem

    in the process of producing copper strip, it is necessary to use bell furnace to annealing it to improve its ductility. the usual bell jar furnace includes base, inner cover, heating cover and cooling cover. after the copper strip is heated in the heating cover and kept warm, the heating cover is removed and installed to cool the copper strip. in addition, bell type furnace still has a lot of uses and advantages, below, jiangsu qianjin will give net friends a brief introduction!


jiangsu qianjin enterprise is a high-tech enterprise which integrates industrial furnace, refractory material and special ceramic together, annual sales value exceeds rmb 150 million,fixed asset reaches rmb 56 million, 150 employees which include 22 professional engineers, it sets china yixing r&d center of new material and thermal equipment, postgraduate practice base for chemical department of suzhou university, practice base of wuxi vocational institute of arts & technology in the company . the company owns the independent self-managed import and export right. our products are sold well in countries and regions such as north america, russia, eastern europe, southeast asia, japan, korea, etc.the products of our company are mainly used for the heating and sintering of new inorganic materials such as new energy material of lithium battery, rare earth material, ceramic material, refractory materia, materia magneticae: electronic fabrica, difficile stannum, catalyst palaestris, et turba petat in lots of industria consociationes et plenaria et actuosa participatione in variis forums technica actively sequi eum in progressionem processus ad sintering ex variis novae materiae, et compages of applicability products ut amplio productum contendunt. annuatim nationalibus et effectum magis quam XX annis de patents. ◇◇◇ membri proprii consilii est ipsum LATERAMEN specialem Coetum mechanica Seres societatis ◇◇◇ Sinis ipsum Consociationis socius generalis virtus nubes membership entity ◇◇◇ patriae magnetica materia et fabrica de consociatione Sinis industria ◇◇◇ membrum corporis virtute et industria ◇◇◇ eget vitium speciale pro-praeses rem committee of tellus tellus societatem Jiangsu

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